Life With Our Littles

I wanted to start off by introducing ourselves and our littles and then I want to tell you why sharing our story means so much to me.

I am Megan, wife to Jared, and mommy to Grayce (2) and Clark (almost 3 months).  I have a Master’s degree in Social Work and used to work in a hospital as a social worker managing discharges for 30 patients daily.  I started staying home almost 2 years ago when our daughter was about 6 months old and have been loving it ever since!  

We keep ourselves very busy with play dates, preschool and other activities and count down the minutes until Daddy comes home each day!  Grayce is a wild child, rough and tumble and is exactly like me.  Our little guy, Clark, so far is laid back and has his daddy’s tempermant.

I love being a mommy more than I ever thought possible, but it is tough work!  I wanted to start this blog to share our adventures with others, both the good and the ugly, because life with our littles is not always neat and tidy.  In fact, it is usually messy and getting through the days sometimes just about all we have.

Life with our littles takes love and patience.  It takes a strong and understanding partner.  It takes coffee and wine, lots and lots of wine.  It takes prayer.  It takes GREAT family and friends.  It takes understanding and lowered expectations.

But let’s be honest…we wouldn’t trade the chaos for anything!  So follow along our crazy, messy, fabulous life with our littles!  Share with me a little about life with your littles.  Don’t worry…your littles can be all grown up now 😉